Amy Boyd 🐇

Speaking, Presenting & Publications

I am a confident public speaker and enjoy presenting to audiences.

I am a co-organizer of a bi-monthly event to allow people to practice public speaking in a safe and supportive environment. Each event has 15-20 attendees and 2-3 people give presentations.

Talk: "Security Exploits In The Wild"

At Facebook's London office in July 2019, I delivered this talk to a room of 80 people. The talk was simultaneously broadcast on Facebook to about 200 viewers. A video of the talk is available here.

Presentation: BCG's "Hacking Homelessness" hackathon

In February 2018, this short presentation was delivered to a room of 100+ people at BCG's London office.

Presentation: RESI hackathon

My FaultFixers co-founder and I presented to a room of 40 people in September 2018. We received very positive feedback from the audience afterwards.


I also enjoy writing about technical subjects.