Amy Boyd

About Me

I'm a CTO in London, UK. Now co-founder/CTO of FaultFixers, where we make it quick and easy to report problems with your building -- whether at home or work. Are you in facilities management? Message me for a demo!

Ex-CTO at two food-tech startups. Experienced in software development, product design and delivery, user-research, and growing companies.

In terms of development experience, I have a full-stack experience -- from PHP/Scala/Java/Node/Ruby backends, to HTML5/AngularJS/CanJS frontends, to Puppet/Ansible/AWS/Linux dev-ops, to Android/iOS apps and browser extensions. I enjoy using PHP, Symfony2, Java, Spring Boot, AngularJS, Scala, and writing well-tested code.

Recently (2016-2018) I have been working primarily with Java, Spring Boot and AngularJS.

I started freelancing doing PHP work at around 14 years of age. In the 12 years since then, I've worked in teams of all sizes solving all kinds of problems.


LinkedIn profile
GitHub profile, a open source tool I created, bringing testing and TDD to MongoDB migrations.